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Tril by Twitter, Holly Millea at ELLE.

To view it as an adolescence issue is the writer's problem. A good story, but a cliche way of writing about it.

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Who Killed Bugsy Siegel? by Amy Wallace at Los Angeles Magazine.

Part gossip, part fiction.

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The Secret Casualties of Iraq's Abandoned Chemical Weapons by C. J. Chivers at The New York Times.

Probably one of the best investigative pieces I've seen in years.

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Chinatown's Kitchen Network 

by Lauren Hilgers at the New Yorker

Finished reading this on a plane and got my eyes all watery.

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Pop Sonnets

when Shakespeare meets Billboard

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The things they Googled.

just beautiful.

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you should read about Ferguson.

because I love St. Louis.

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if you want a special domain, check out this list.

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The coming of coffee's fourth wave?

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